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Rohrich Advantage

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New Car Engine Warranty (Priceless)

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3 Day Exchange Policy (Priceless)

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Lifetime Oil & Filter Changes ($1,350 Value)

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Lifetime Car Washes & Loaners ($600 Value)

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Free Lifetime PA State Inspections ($250 Value)

That's A $2,200

When You Purchase or Lease Any New Rohrich Vehicle*

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*excludes all vehicles at Bentley Pittsburgh and Maserati of Pittsburgh.
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Dent Protection


  *Unlimited Repairs up to Credit Card Size on Exterior Body Panels
*Sign and Drive – No Out of Pocket Expense or Reimbursement Necessary
*Hassle-Free Scheduling with our nationwide network of 3,000 certified technicians
*One call is all it takes. The Certified dent Technician will meet you at your local dealership
*Repairs take about as long as an oil change
*No Sanding, Painting, or Body Fillers

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