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New Car Engine Warranty (Priceless)

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3 Day Return Policy (Priceless)

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Lifetime Oil & Filter Changes ($1,350 Value)

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Lifetime Car Washes & Loaners ($600 Value)

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Free Lifetime PA State Inspections ($250 Value)

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When You Purchase or Lease Any New Rohrich Vehicle*

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*excludes all vehicles at Bentley Pittsburgh and Maserati of Pittsburgh.
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Protect Your Vehicle

We offer a variety of options to help protect your investment.  Vehicle Service Agreements, GAP Coverage, Tire and Wheel Protection, Appearance Protection, Dent Protection, Windshield Protection, Theft Protection, and Key Replacement Service.

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GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) protects your credit and offers worry-free protection in the event of a total loss due to the following:  

*Accident  *Fire  *Flood  *Hurricane   *Theft  *Tornado  *Vandalism 
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See how Rohrich's Tire and Wheel Protection can help make the difference.

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It's an unfortunate truth: dents and dings occur over time and gradually decrease you vehicles value!

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Losing or damaging your vehicle key / remote can be stressful. Relax with Signature Finish Key Replacement Protection. 

Vehicle Service Agreements

Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle Service Agreement
A major benefit of vehicle service agreements (VSA) is the peace of mind they offer to customers looking for protection against unexpected repair costs to their vehicles. Here are several benefits to purchasing a VSA:

Your Investment is Protected
For many Americans, their car is their most important asset. It takes them to work, to pick up the groceries and to drop off the kids at school. You want the peace of mind that if a large unexpected repair need comes your way, it will likely be covered. The comfort in knowing that you won’t be stuck with debilitating unexpected repair costs goes a long way for many vehicle owners.

Reliability on a Budget
VSA’s often allow consumers to make payments over time, so that expensive car repairs can be fit into tight budgets. An initial payment is normally required to start coverage, and payment options vary, but often consumers can find a contract with payments that fit their budgets.

Your Vehicle May Perform Longer
The protection of a VSA covers many different parts of a vehicle, depending on which type of contract you have purchased, that may go beyond a manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage of these vital components means they will receive the service they need to ensure a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

Your Unexpected Ownership Costs May Be Reduced
Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of associated costs and customers, more than ever before, are looking for ways to cut costs. For many, this means stretching out the length of the auto loan in order to get lower monthly payments. With a VSA, your monthly payments already include coverage of some of your repair costs, meaning there are fewer unexpected costs to come with owning your vehicle.

Your Payments are Hassle-Free
With a VSA there is no need to get buried in paperwork or submit a payment with hope of being reimbursed in a timely fashion. Payments for repair of your vehicle go straight to the repair facility, making repairs a stress-free transaction for you.

Your Vehicle May Perform Longer
The protection of a VSA covers many different parts of a vehicle, depending on which type of contract you have purchased, that may go beyond a manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage of these vital components means they will receive the service they need to ensure a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

Your Vehicle’s Value Increases
Many VSA’s will allow you to transfer ownership of the contract along with the vehicle. If a buyer is interested in your car, having a VSA can make it more attractive. Passing along peace of mind to another driver is one of the best ways to ensure sales success.

Why should I protect my investment?

Why do I need this?
The advantage of having an extended service plan – you are not beholden to rising prices at repair facilities, and you don’t have to worry – by choosing our repair facility, original OEM parts will always be used by certified technicians specific to the brand. If you’ve set aside funds to cover unexpected repairs, those funds could be quickly depleted with multiple repairs – this plan covers unlimited claims – and it is a nationwide plan.

What if I sell my vehicle?
We make it seamless – just contact our administrator and request a pro-rata refund.

Can I transfer this to a new owner?
Absolutely – for a nominal $50 fee this can be taken care of – this ensures that if you sell to a third party, you can ask a higher price.

I’m still in factory warranty – why should I consider this now?
If your vehicle is currently covered under factory warranty, that means the miles fall in a “sweet spot” for rating your coverage – think of it as a set of actuarial tables – similar to those that determine the best life insurance rates – the younger you are, the lower the rates – we use your VIN # and your current mileage to tailor a customized quote.

I’m skeptical – I’ve heard of scams and exorbitant rates – can I trust this firm?
Rohrich Automotive Group has been in business for 80 years; we have teamed up with EFG – Enterprise Financial Group, based in Irving Texas because their plans provide maximum coverage. They have recently taken the top honors at the Stevie Awards – recognizing excellence in each of the 4 top categories (it’s like the Academy Awards of Customer Service).

What if I get locked out or run out of gas?
Roadside assistance is included (up to $100 per occurrence -less the cost of parts or fluids required) that includes towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, fluid delivery and lockout assistance.

I have an 8 year old car I’d like to cover – is it worth it?
We respect that it is your decision to protect your investment -everyone’s situation is unique – you won’t be pressured. We provide options from current year to 9 prior model years – corrosion and wear and tear are inevitable – the odometer reading and the model year are the key determinants in our rating system – it is specifically tied to your VIN. Recall the analogy to the actuarial tables used to rate life insurance policies – the age of the vehicle and the odometer reading play a critical part in the rating of the extended service plan.

How can I be confident that I will be covered for repairs?
We believe in transparency and no surprises – we have a proud 80 year history of serving our customers – Depending on the coverage that your vehicle qualifies for, (your vehicle’s age and odometer determine which coverage you qualify for), there are two categories: exclusionary, and major component coverage.

PREMIUM NEW – this mirrors new vehicle coverage – by design it is an exclusionary policy – it covers all assemblies and parts (including electric and hybrid) – with the exception of a short list of “wearable parts”, not unlike a manufacturer’s warranty excludes wearable parts that reflect the driver’s habits. For example brake rotors, drums, brake pads and shoes are not covered – their longevity is directly related to the individual driving habits.
CHOICE USED – this coverage includes ALL items in the CHOICE column and ALL items in the SELECT column of our brochure. It is major mechanical and electrical component coverage – which spells out covered items according to the vehicle components (Engine, Transmission, Drive Axles, AC/Heating, Suspension, Steering, Cooling, Fuel System, Brake, Electrical, Comfort Package, Electric / Hybrid Vehicles)