Saving Green While Going Green

Rohrich Automotive Group is dedicated to producing vehicles that are both fuel efficient and environmentally conscious. While we can’t predict the changes in gas prices, we can focus on getting our customers into vehicles that are right for their lifestyle.  



Year after year, Toyota ranks as one of the leading manufacturers in producing eco-friendly cars. Rohrich Toyota’s Jason Hudson takes great pride in selling a brand that continues to lessen their carbon footprint.  


“Toyota has led the way on electrification in their vehicles since the late 90’s with their release of the Prius.  It was the first functional and practical Hybrid vehicle ever made available to the public.” says Hudson. 


Toyota has sold over 20 million hybrid vehicles since introducing their first Prius. That’s more than ALL manufactures in the world combined! While there are many factors that can influence a car buyer’s decision, fuel efficiency ranks near the top of the list. Toyota has always prioritized giving customers many options to help them save on fuel costs. 


“We have given consumers two choices on several models. Hybrid for gas mileage and hybrid max for performance.  Better gas mileage equals less time spent at the pump which means more money in your pocket.” added Hudson.    



For example, most gas powered compact SUVS get on average 24 MPG.  Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid gets on average 38 MPG.  For someone who drives 1,000 miles per month in a gas SUV they will use 42 gallons of gas. The hybrid RAV4 will only use 26 gallons.  With gas averaging $3.75 per gallon in Pennsylvania, that will save about $97.50 per 1,000 miles driven.  


Even our more performance-based brands are making strides when it comes to producing more fuel efficient and sustainable options. Rohrich Mazda’s Jay Obertance says that although the vehicles he sells are known more for their luxury and performance-based features, the brand still matches up well with any other manufacturer in terms of fuel economy.  


“Even as a luxury brand, our fuel economy figures are competitive with many other manufacturers, but our power figures are vastly more than our competitors. This is because Mazda’s specific technology allows their engines to achieve better fuel economy, while boosting more power. That is how we can straddle two lines.” explained Obertance. 



Mazda has the ability to appeal to both the everyday buyer and the luxury buyer. The beauty of Mazda is that they rank high in both fuel efficiency AND power. 


“Mazda really strives to be a sports car brand that can compete in a mainstream car industry. The Miata sports car is fun, fast, and beautiful. I own one myself, and even happily doing 80 miles an hour down the highway with the top down, my average is 36.2 miles per gallon.” 


The in-depth knowledge of the sales team at each of our dealerships allows them to find cars that are a perfect fit for a variety of consumers’ individual needs. Whether it’s saving money on gas or another factor that’s of importance to a person’s car purchasing experience, they’ve got you covered.  

April 28, 2023
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